Pyramid: The Search for Eternity Slot

A Look at the Slot Machine, “Pyramid: Quest for Immortality”

Would you want immortality if given the chance? This review of the slot machine Pyramid: Quest for Immortality begins with a fairly deep and rhetorical question, but it gets to the meat of the game. Pharaohs were buried with all of their wealth because Ancient Egyptians thought they would be reincarnated and therefore live eternally. A colorful slot release from NetEnt that, while it can’t promise players immortality, may increase their chances of fortunes with a jackpot payout of 3.6 million coins, is inspired by that belief.

The Slot Game Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

The somewhat ominous gold statues of Anubis and Horus watch over the gameboard in NetEnt’s Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot game, which utilizes the developer’s symmetrical three-four-five-four-three reel configuration (wins still pay left to right). As usual, the lowest-paying aspect of the primary game is the playing card symbols, and these victories are a great way to build up some money while waiting for the next tier of icons to come. Matching three or more of these Ancient Egyptian marvels on the reels will earn you greater payouts.

Instructions for the Online Slot Machine Pyramid: Quest for Immortality


The ‘Level’ button, which stands in for the coin and bet amount settings, allows you to customize your wager. You may adjust your wager each spin on a scale from 1 to 10. However, the coin value may be changed from 0.01 cents every spin all the way up to 2 dollars. If you’re feeling very confident, you may always go for the Max Bet. There is an autoplay feature that you may use to place bets automatically. Not only will it spin the reels for you, but it also has complex options like pausing autoplay when you win or when your bankroll goes up or down by a particular amount, which is amazing.

The Special Symbols and Features of the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Slot Machine


All other symbols can be substituted for the wild symbol to increase your chances of winning in the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot machine, and if the wild generation symbol lands on reels two, three, or four via an avalanche, it will also become a wild symbol. Avalanches, sure, that’s right. This 3D slot machine from NetEnt has the developer’s signature feature, in which winning symbols vanish and are replaced by a cascade of new symbols that cascade down from above. The avalanche effect can boost your multiplier by one each time you have three consecutive winning spins.

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